Argus Monitor

Argus Monitor

Get real-time fan speeds and temperature values inside your computer
Argus Monitor v5.2
12 Apr 2021
Argus Monitor v5.1
23 May 2020
Argus Monitor v5.0.01
22 Dec 2019
Argus Monitor v4.1.6.2048
10 Sep 2018
Argus Monitor v4.0.3.2012
7 May 2018
Argus Monitor v3.6.2.1805
19 Nov 2017
Argus Monitor v3.5.9.1785
25 Jan 2017
Argus Monitor v3.3.7.1755
27 Jan 2016
Argus Monitor v3.2.9.1702
2 Feb 2015
Argus Monitor v3.1.2.1641
13 Oct 2014
Argus Monitor v3.0.8.1631
9 Mar 2014
Argus Monitor v2.5.8.1536
12 May 2013
Editorial review
Argus Monitor v2.4.4.1469
18 Dec 2012
Argus Monitor v2.3.8.1451
31 May 2012
Argus Monitor v2.2.6.1419
21 Feb 2012
Editorial review
Argus Monitor v2.1.5.1348
7 Nov 2011
Argus Monitor v2.0.17.1326
12 Feb 2011
Argus Monitor v1.9
21 Jan 2011
Argus Monitor v1.8.11.1227
23 Aug 2010
Argus Monitor v1.7
2 Jun 2010
Argus Monitor v1.6
21 Apr 2010
Argus Monitor v1.5.10.1171
28 Feb 2010
Argus Monitor v1.2
23 Jan 2010
Argus Monitor v1.1
12 Oct 2009

What's new

v5.0.01 [22 Dec 2019]
- Support EVGA/Corsair AIO CPU cooling devices (H80i GT, H100i GTX, H110i GTX, H80i GT V2, H100i GT V2, H115i Extreme, H110i GT V2, EVGA CLC) based on ASETEK controller chips.
- Support for GPU hotspot temperature for AMD GPUs of Navi series (Radeon RX 5700).
- Improved temperature filtering for AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU temperatures.
- Bug fixed that caused missing GPU fan speeds for Nvida Multi-GPU setups with GPUs of different generations.
- Several improvements for usage on high DPI displays.
- Fan startup behavior fixed when waking up from standby or upon program start.

v4.1.6.2048 [10 Sep 2018]
- Serveral extensions and improvements for control curve management for fan control.
- New temperature sources for control curve based fan contrl added:
Average value of CPU and GPU temperature with configurable sample time.
Maximum value of CPU and GPU temperature with configurable sample time.
- Bug fixed that could lead to wrong update behaviour of sensor values on certain Asus motherboards.
- Several minor improvements and bug fixes.

v4.0.3.2012 [7 May 2018]
Fixed bug in fan control fixed that could cause the wrong mainboard fans to be controlled in certain configurations.

v3.6.2.1805 [19 Nov 2017]
- Support for CPUs of Intel Coffee Lake series added.
- Bug in Windows sidebar gadget fixed that could lead to a wrong gadget positon in certain multi-monitor configurations.
- Added display of user defined names of mainboard temperature channels and fan names in windows sidebar gadget.
- New temperature source for fan control curve based fan speed control added: average GPU temperature.
- Bug in fan control for Thinkpad Notebooks fixed that could cause the fan control to be non-operational after a standby/resume cycle.

v3.5.9.1785 [25 Jan 2017]
- Full S.M.A.R.T. support for NVM Express (NVMe) SSD drives.
- Support for CPUs of Intel Skylake-X series added.
- Support for Intel Atom Goldmont CPUs added.
- Bug fixed that could lead to a reset of the fan controller parameters when a standby/resume cycle was performed directly after the controller configuration had been modified.

v3.3.7.1755 [27 Jan 2016]
For Notebooks: Battery symbol showing state of charge along with several other parameters directly in the Windows taskbar
Several minor bugs fixed.

v3.2.9.1702 [2 Feb 2015]
Optimization of S.M.A.R.T. access for SATA hard drives to solve a rare issue that could prevent the readout of S.M.A.R.T. attributes.
Three separate bit masks for S.M.A.R.T. event categories Error, Caution and Information added to the CSV log file.
Display of fan speeds of non-controllable fans added to the page "Mainboard/Fan control".
Several minor bugs fixed.

v3.1.2.1641 [13 Oct 2014]
- Support for Nuvoton NCT6792D SuperIO monitoring chip added.
- Bug in access code for Fintek F71868A SuperIO monitoring chip fixed.
- Advanced GPU features for Nvidia Maxwell architecture GPUs (GTX 970 / GTX 980) added.

v2.5.8.1536 [12 May 2013]
New graphs for CPU load, memory load and network upload/download.
Support extended to up to 4 graphics cards.
Support for mainboard temperature monitoring for seleceted HP Notebooks.

v2.3.8.1451 [31 May 2012]
Internal changes to unicode characters for better international support.
Fixed a bug which displayed incorrect data on Intel RAIDs in certain mixed configurations.
Fixed a bug with S.M.A.R.T. attribute display on SSD Samsung 470 series.

v2.1.5.1348 [7 Nov 2011]
Decoding of S.M.A.R.T. attributes - lifetime reads / writes from host - for OCZ SSDs added.
Fixed a bug with wrong FSB frequency display for AMD Llano / A-Series CPU.
Changed and improved internal handling for warning and net messages.
Some minor bugs fixed.

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